How To Root HTC One M9 Using TWRP Recovery



HTC manufacturer is the one of top listed providers, its provides the great smartphones and tablets with endless features, advanced shape, and better spaces. But nowadays HTC provides on of the top listed flagship, HTC One M9. M9 is one of the great smartphone on the One series, it’s have advanced feature, great specs, and better shape. HTC One M9 is powered by 5.0 lollipop OS, 5” LCD3 large display, 1.5 GHz Quad-core processor, 32 GB internal storage, 3 GB RAM, 20 MP front camera, 4 MP secondary camera and Non-removable Li-Po 2840 mAh battery.

In short word HTC One M9 is the endless smartphone, and the large numbers of users like its performance. But if you want to more improve, customizing, optimizing, his performance then root HTC One M9. After rooting your smartphone is able to install the unofficial apps, the battery life increase, and your smartphone speed is better than of the old condition. So if you decide to root HTC One M9 then follow the full guideline step by step.

Before proceeding the rooting process keep in mind, after rooting HTC One M9 warranty is voided, and the root access is the unofficial process, that is not supported by HTC or by Google. The root exploits provided by the third party developers, so it’s your own risk to flash your smartphone by the rooting process.

Basic Requirements:

  1. First of all unlock the HTC One M9 bootloader.
  2. And then install the TWRP recovery on your smartphone.
  3. Charge your battery 60% or above before the process.
  4. Now backup your important data and keep save on the safe location before proceeding the process.
  5. Before the process, temporary deactivate antivirus or other security on your computer.
  6. Enable developer option just click on the menu>setting>about phone and then tape on the developer option 5 or 7 times then you will get a message just like “you are developer”.
  7. After that enable USB debugging option go to menu>setting>developer option and then enable the debug option.
  8. Download the USB drivers for your computer. USB drivers
  9. Download the SuperSU root package and save on desktop for easy access and don’t unzip the package.


How To Root HTC One M9 Using TWRP Recovery

Step 1: Connect your One M9 to your computer, by using the suitable USB cable.

Step 2: And then copy the downloaded SuperSU .zip files on your smartphone.

Step 3: Once the file copy on your smartphone then unplug the USB cable from your smartphone.

Step 4: After that switch off your One M9 and then, reboot your smartphone into recovery mode.

Step 5: And then from recovery click on the “Install” button and load the root exploit.

Step 6: Now continue the installation process and wait for until, when your HTC One M9 is being rooted.

Step 7: Once your One M9 is rooting complete then, select the “reboot system now” option on your screen.

It’s done, now you have root HTC One M9 successfully, keep enjoy the advantages of the rooted smartphone.

Disclaimer: the above tutorial for root HTC One M9, if in the process anything goes wrong. Smarts Guide cannot be held to responsible. Keep proceed at their own risk and complete understanding.

If you have any question about this guideline or more detail, then contact us. We will assist you as soon as possible.