How to Restore and Backup your Android device Using CWM (Clockwork Mod) Recovery


CWM Recovery

Hi, friends! Today we share some important tutorial for whom user that want to backup and Restore Android devices, it’s very important for those devices that you want to update for latest Android OS or something you want to change it, then it will require the CWM Recovery. The CWM Recovery basically work by restoring and backing up your current version of Android OS. If have come to face any problem in during the process then you will be able to backup the old version of your operating system.

So if you are interested in updating your device then, first of all, you install the CWM Recovery on your Android device, and then proceed the above tutorial. The CWM is very easy way to backup or restores your operating system so if you want to gain your process then you will required the below tutorial step by step.

For Rootin your device is important to install the CWM Recovery before proceed the rooting process.

Note: keep in mind if you root your device then your device warranty is voided, so be careful before starting the process.

How to Restore and Backup your Android device Using CWM Recovery


  1. First of all, you should have the CWM Recovery before rooting your device if you haven’t the CWM Recovery then you will not be able to recover or backup your data.
  2. After that! To make sure your smartphone supports the CWM Recovery, cause some smartphone are not support the CWM Recovery tool.
  3. And now after checking the compatibility and rooting the handset, you must go on Google Play and then search for the ROM Manager app. ROM Manager
  4. Now Install the tool by the same method and keep proceed.
  5. After that, open the given tool.
  6. And then select the “flash ClockWorkMod Recovery” option.
  7. After that, just easily select “Backup Current ROM” and then follow the prompts.
  8. Once the backup will be completed then restart the smartphone.
  9. After all, if you want to install a custom ROM into the system and something goes wrong, then don’t be afraid just simply choosing the “Manage and Restore Backup” and then choose the “Restore”.
  10. Now reboot your device and wait for a while, soon you will have the old operating system on your smartphone.

That’s it, you got it just a few step, now you have the old operating system, so keep join the old version of your device. And also, you backup the messages, contacts, calendar etc. by using the CWM Recovery.

Disclaimer: The tutorial for Android variants, if something gains not right the Smarts Guide cannot held be responsible. Keep proceed your own risk and complete understanding.

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