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How to Backup Android Phone Without Root (Complete Guide)

Android one of the most popular devices in the world, and a lot of people using Android variants. The Android smartphone we used in our daily life. And we store important data like photos, documents, videos, SMS and much more important things we stored on it. But if we lose our device then we lose our data also, for that today we share some important note. If we lose or damage our smartphone then what can we do for our data. So first we advise you if we starting the Android smartphone. first of all, start back up also. Backup is the only way that we back our important data in case we lose or damage our smartphone. So today we share how to backup Android Phone without Root. Read carefully and get backup our important data in a safe place.

How to Backup Android Phone Without Root (Complete Guide)How to Backup Android Phone Without Root

1: –  Backup Contacts and Calendar.

First, we start from contact, contact is the more important data that we can’t lose in any occasion. So the easy and simple way to backup our contact to Export all contacts to SD Card and later get from sd card and save to Computer or Cloud storage. So how to get that option on our device? Follow below in detail.

  • Open your contact app, press on the menu and select Import/Exports option. And choose “Export to Storage”.

  • Your contact will be saved to SD Card in ‘vcf’ format. Once you Export to Storage option click.
  • And the other way to save your contacts to Google, easily go to setting> menu>Account> Google and sync your Contact, Calendar in your Gmail account.

2: – Backup SMS.

Now follow below instruction and keep save your SMS in safe place. So if you want to keep safe our Important SMS, then follow the right and easy method to save your SMS.

  • Simply follow the link and get SMS Backup and Restore app, install on your device and keep save your SMS safe.
  • It’s easy to use open app then you will get the various option, just select backup and get save your SMS into phone memory and later save to cloud storage.
  • It has also more option for Recovery and others follow on-screen instruction and get used in advanced.

SMS Backup & Restore

3: Backup your Photos:

For Photo Backup is the easy and simple app on app drawer, Google Photo. If your device have this app then follow below, else download from the given link and proceed.

  • Simply open Google Photos and connect with your Google account.
  • Now turn ON Auto Backup and Sync option, it will backup your Photo to Google Drive. It has free 14 GB space for storage in one Google Account.

Google Photos

 4: – Backup Apps:

Now Backup for Apps we used a simple and easy app from Google Play store. For backup various apps in Google play store, but the given app is simple, reliable and easy. So follow the given link and get backup your important apps in safe place. It only backup of your apps, not data, so if you want to backup your apk and data also then you will require root access.

  • This app will automatically backup your newly installed app and it has also option to save your backup to SD card.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction and keep backup your apps download below.

App Backup and Restore

5: – Complete Backup in One Place:

However if you want to backup your data just in one place, then used below link and get your entire data backup to your phone or sd card. So get your choice if you want backup your data from above method or want to store your data just in one click. This app will get backup your data to Phone memory or Sd card, later you will get to another safe place.

  • This app isn’t complicated just use in one touch, select items that you want to backup and select location where you want to save him.
  • Follow on-screen instruction and get all your data in safe place

Easy Backup & Restore

So here we share complete guide of how to backup Android Phone without Root. Follow and share your feedback with us.

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