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[How to Guide] Flash Mediatek Phone on SP Flash tools (Tutorial)

It is the new guide to showing up Mediatek phone flashing tutorial, each brand of the manufacturer has developed a way that is using for specific updating method. And easy to guide for installing a new ROM, Stock ROM, Upgrading, Downgrading extra. However, today we share one of them, tutorial about to Flash Mediatek Phone on SP Flash Tools. SP Flash tool is a way that we use for Mediatek phones, seem like we use for Samsung device Odin tool and for LG devices LGUP Tool and for other manufacturers different one, thus we use for Mediatek phone SP Flash tools. So we share instruction about to Flash Mediatek Phone on SP flash tools. Cautiously, read the complete guide and proceed the process if you are the owner of Mediatek device.[How to Guide] Flash Mediatek Phone on SP Flash tools (Tutorial)

First of proceeding to keep it up some important apparatuses, that we described under important phases. So firstly carefully read initial steps and then get towards the flashing process.


  • The instruction is compatible with all MediaTek variants. Don’t try below guideline for any other device. Incompetent and unsafe for other variants.
  • Under instruction, entirely guide clearly assert, be sure for addition or destruction of the article will lose some important part of the expedient. So keep on it and proceed on your own obligation.
  • Backup all essential facts and keep it up on safe location like cloud storage or internal or external memory.
  • The device will be charged up to 60%, before of starting.


(Required tools and files)

1) SP Flash Tools for the installation process.

2) C-COM Driver for PC window. Download Link

3) Stock Firmware/ ROM for specific device. (Download from the download section on the guideline)

How to Flash Mediatek Phone on SP Flash Tools

1: First download SP flash tools form above link and Extract inside a Folder. Extract it on C drive for good effort.

2: And then download and install Vcom Driver In your PC.

  • This is a necessary prerequisite of SP flash tools Flashing, without the Vcom Driver you can’t Flash the Device.

3: After that download official Firmware File.

4: And then extract download ROM file Inside a Folder.

  • Extract on the Desktop for easy to navigations.

5: After that go to SP Flash tools Folder and Run Flash tools.exe File.

6: And then Select the Download tab and then click on the Load Scatter File, a pop up is now opened, navigate Scatter File from Downloaded Rom folder and Click OK.

7: And then check everything, in custom Recovery case Check Recovery only. And then hit over the Download.
8: After that connect your Turned off phone to your PC through by USB data cable. And wait for Success, after some time a green circle appears.

9: That’s All!

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