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How to Transfer file between Android devices to PC through WiFi

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There are Some different apps on the android store that can help you to transfer file through WiFi (wirelessly) to your android smartphone. These apps some are very simple and easy to use for transferring the feature, but now we share some feature packed app to transfer file between your PC and Android smartphone with each other.

How to Transfer file between Android devices & PC through wirelessly

In the android store, we found some of the good app called AirDroid, in this app you will easy to connect between your smartphone to your PC, The AirDriod such a popular and free app on the google play store, In this app you transfer and receive the file both side, through by wirelessly. Basically, AirDroid is android app, which can help to manage your android smartphone from your PC web browser, it is very easy, simple and beautiful on using, while using the AirDroid for transferring the file then it’s speed 3.5 Mbps and above, its have some good feature like:

  • You can backup of your smartphone APK on your PC
  • You can receive and send the messages from PC
  • You can view the picture of your smartphone on your PC
  • You can play music or video from your phone
  • You can use your smartphone camera on your PC
  • And you can take screenshots of your PC

And much more AirDroid PC performed itself. Now using AirDroid transfer file on your android smartphone and PC through by WiFi.

Steps for transfer file Android phone and PC by wirelessly

Step 1: Download and install the AirDroid app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store and open the app Download here 

Step 2: The PC’s WiFi network connect from your Android smartphone

Step 3: Now open AirDroid app, and then the app quickly detect your WiFi network and start the AirDroid server, the app provide you IP address, that’s IP address type on the PC web browser for connecting to the AirDroid server.

Step 4: Type manually the IP address provided by the AirDroid app in your web browser and click on the enter button. Now your smartphone will proceed you to accept the connection.

Step 5: Now press the accepted button on your Android smartphone, and then you will be able to access the AirDroid interface on your computer web browser.

Step 6: There is a toolbox in the right of AirDroid web interface, now you press the file icon and transfer the file or folder to your smartphone.

Step 7: And if you want to transfer the file from your PC to smartphone then select the folder/ file in the AirDroid toolbox and click on file tab, if you select the file, then AirDroid will start the transferring file to your Android smartphone.

Note: The file will be stored on your device in the below location  SD card/AirDroid /Upload

Transfer files to PC from your smartphone

Now you want to transfer files to PC from your Smartphone, then you use the AirDroid web interface on your PC, now you click on the file icon in the AirDroid web interface and select the file from the file browser, right-click on the file and select the download for a downloading file to your PC.

That’s it just a few step and connect between smartphone to your PC and share the data with each other.

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