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How to Unlock bootloader on Nexus Devices Easy Guide

Nexus is the most popular name in Android phone and tablets, it’s developed by Google and some various hardware manufacturers. It have the latest OS and developing the new smartphone for our clients, it have a lot of new features, specs, and best performance. Every new OS will come first taste by Nexus device, and nowadays the Android developers released the latest OS, Android Nougat. It is the latest version of the software and also first get the Nexus devices. But if someone not gets that, and want to update our smartphone to Android Nougat, for those this article helpful.

If you want to install Android Nougat, first you will some changes on our smartphone. Just like, unlock the bootloader on your phone. So in the below article we define how to unlock bootloader on Nexus devices. Follow the full guideline step by step and unlock bootloader on Nexus smartphone. but before to more begin, first, know some important tools. First, you will proper install Android SDK “software development kit” on your windows. If you will not do that, the process will be harmfull your device.

Before to Begin.

Enable developer settings and USB debugging

  • Go to your phone Settings>About Phone/Tablet
  • Click on the Build number several times until you will notify by a message you are now a developer.
  • And then go back to the SettingsDeveloper options. Click on the Developer options and Enable USB Debugging.

If your device running Lollipop or higher, make sure Enable OEM unlock is checked.

  • Connect your Nexus device into your computer and click “ok” and Allow USB debugging while connected your phone to your PC.

How to Unlock bootloader on Nexus Devices


Step 1: Now connect you Nexus smartphone to your computer.

Step 2: Powered off your Phone and then power on press Volume Down + Power button at the same time for a while. Bootloader menu will appear then released the button.

Step 3: Enter the given command on the bootloader menu.

./adb devices

Step 4: Now type the./adb reboot bootloader command on the bootloader menu.

Step 5: To unlock bootloader, it will require stock firmware image, not any others els.

Step 6: in the Older device (pre-Marshmallow), type this command.

./fastboot oem unlock

Step 7: And the newer Nexus device, used this command.

./fastboot flashing unlock

Step 8: Now press the Volume Up button and then press the Power button, to confirm unlocking the bootloader.

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

Now you have successfully unlocked bootloader, now you will able to update your Nexus device to the latest firmware by the manually method.


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