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How to Update Android Smart Phone or Tablet

Nowadays the Android smart phone or Tablet using with a large number of users, the Android Operating System is moving fast to upgrading and including with advance featuring, And get improve the new software’s.

Update Android Smart Phone or Tablet

Update Android Smart Phone or Tablet

Today we share some easy step to update Android Smart Phone or Tablet, To get better performance and new feature, you should make sure you’re running software is latest version of the Android Operating system.

How to update Android Smart Phone or Tablet

Step 1: first check your device the running software is up to date,

How to check the software version

First open menu, then setting after setting about phone and then ‘Software Information’

Setting/About Phone/Software Information

The latest version is 5.1.1 Lollipop, KitKat version 4.4.X, 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1 before all version names Jelly Bean.

Step 2: If your device running latest version, then skip the step or not then follow the guideline

*First back up your data not important, but better to keep it

Step 3: Now you scroll down on the menu and select the setting icon, then appear the new screen with having many options

Step 4: Scroll down the option in the last one ‘About Phone’ click on the about phone

Step 5: In this step you find out ‘Software update’ click on this option, Setting/About phone/software update, your smart phone or tablet is searching for available software, And find out the latest version then ask you about to install you wish to install then click on the yes button.

Note: For the above method you required WiFi connection with good signal cause the updating software size can be large.

*Be my suggestion

The best method for software updating is, first download the latest version of the software and keep on your PC or Laptop and install them through by USB cable cause some time the WiFi or other connection is down then you will be not able to continue,

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