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[How to Guide] Install Android Pie 9 on Google Pixel Devices

Here is the great news for Pixel users, currently Android Pie 9 has officially rolled out for Pixel Phone. The update has rollout on March but Google include all new features and bug fixing and stability. And now released the suitable ROM (Factory Image & OTA) for Pixel phone. Firstly, the Android Pie 9 has released for Pixel devices and now it will pop up for Non-Google devices. An under instruction we share the easy method to install Android Pie 9 on Google Pixel Devices. The Android Pie has innovative features like new Digital Wellbeing dashboard, a gesture-based navigation system,  AI-enhanced improvements to the UI, Recent App Switcher, new Adaptive features (adaptive battery and brightness), and others more sorts.[How to Guide] Install Android Pie 9 on Google Pixel Devices

To install Android Pei on Pixel Phone has two methods, the first one install via OTA, and the second one downloads the Factory Images of Android Pie and installs it via manual method. So if you had installed Android P build on your Pixel Phone, then easily snatch the OTA file and sideload or stock recovery method use and flash it without any data loss. The Android Pei 9 Factory Images for Pixel phone will install on your device, not important whatever you’re running your device. But it will delete everything by default, follow below instruction and install Android Pie 9 on Google Pixel Devices.


  • All the instruction below only for Google Pixel DevicesDon’t proceed to update guide for any other variants or device.
  • Stepwise forward whole process and don’t miss out any spot of this article. Cause device will be damaged or soft break, and step forward at your own risk.
  • Backup your important data, like contact, photos, videos, and other important data save to safe place first of process. It does not erase any data but takes for your safety.
  • Go to Settings > About phone > Build number. And tap it 7 times to enable Developer options on your device.
  • After that go back to Settings >Developer options and enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking.
  • Properly charge your device at least 60%, if during process your device turns off. It may soft brick or any other issue creates on your device.


  • Android 9.0 Pie System Image for Google Pixel Devices. Download Link
  • Android 9.0 Pie OTA for Google Pixel Device. Download Link

How to Install Android Pie 9 on Google Pixel Devices

[Install Factory Image]
(Unlock Bootloader)

1: Firstly, enable ‘USB debugging’ and ‘OEM Unlock’ option on your phone. That we explain on above important section.

2: Now go to ADB installation directory and press and hold ‘shift’ key and right-clicked on mouse anywhere in the folder and select ‘Open command window here’.

3 And then connect your device to PC via USB data cable, and enter into the fastboot mode.

adb reboot bootloader

4: After entering the above command your device moves to Fastboot mode. And then check your connection by typing below command in command prompt.

fastboot devices

5: However, to unlock the bootloader of the Pixel Phone on Android Pie, simply go to the command line and type below command. It will only take seconds to complete the process.

fastboot flashing unlock

6: And then your device will reboot into bootloader mode.

Flashing Android Pie Factory Image on Pixel Phone

1: Now download the Pixel Phone Android Pie factory image for your device and extract it.

2: And then connect your device to the PC via USB data cable, and Enable USB Debugging option. That we explain above important section.

3: After that connect your device to PC and enter into the fastboot mode. For entering to fastboot mode press and hold ‘Volume Down + Power’ button at the same time or by typing below command.

adb reboot bootloader

4: Now open the command prompt window and navigate to the unzipped system image directory.

5: And then perform the “flash-all.bat“, it will unzip the image files and install the necessary bootloader, baseband firmware(s), and operating system. This step will install Android Pie system image on Pixel Phone.

If flash-all.bat file not works, you can pass all commands manually by: –

1: First, flash the bootloader and the radio

fastboot flash bootloader <bootloader file name here>.img

fastboot flash radio <radio file name here>.img

fastboot reboot-bootloader
2: Flash the recovery, boot, and system
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash system system.img
3: Now a full wipe, flash cache and user data
fastboot flash cache cache.img

fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
4: Reboot your device
fastboot reboot

5: Good job!

Install Android Pie OTA on Pixel Phone

1: First, enable ‘USB debugging’ option on your device. That we explain on upper steps (Important steps)

2: Download ADB and fastboot driver for windows or ADB and Fastboot for Mac and install it on your PC.

3: Download Android Pie OTA for Pixel Phone from above Copy ROM to a folder where adb installed.

4: Now Turn Off your phone and boot into recovery mode.

5: Choose Apply Update from ADB

6: Now Connect your phone to Laptop/PC

7: On ADB folder press shift+right click and click on open command here.

8: Now check your connection by typing the below command

adb devices
  • if your device is listed, you’re ready to flash the ROM

9: Flash the Pie OTA on your Pixel Phone by typing below command

adb sideload File

10: Now wait until the process completes and then Reboot the phone.

11: Done!

So this the complete guide to Download and Install Android Pie 9 on Google Pixel DevicesIf you have any doubts comments below.

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