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How To Root HTC One M7 By The Simple Method [Tutorial]

One of the best smartphone in HTC One series is HTC One m7, it is the great flagship in HTC smartphone. It have great features and advanced specs, and all over the world, most people like this smartphone. It have good performance in usage, but the advance users of smartphone will getting some more changes on our device, and more increasing our smartphone performance and results. For that the most important requirement rooting will apply on our smartphone, cause after rooting our smartphone, the internal restriction will remove and able to install the third party apps. So if you are the advanced user and want to some basic improvement on our smartphone then follow the full tutorial step by step and root HTC One M7 by the easy guide.

root htc one m7


Today we getting up to root HTC One M7 by the easy and simple method, so follow the full guideline step by step if you want to root our smartphone. After rooting your smartphone you will get some useful advantages, you will be able to install the third party apps on your smartphone, your phone battery life is increased and you will able to install the custom ROM’s on your HTC One M7 and much more. In short words, you will remove the internal restriction on your smartphone. But keep in your mind the rooting process developed by third party users, so it is not the official method to root HTC One M7, and after rooting your smartphone warranty will be voided. So make sure you will gaining the rooting process on your own risk if anything happened during in the process or after the process, you will be responsible for that issue. Now we getting to the main point to root HTC One M7 by the easiest method.

Before gaining the process keep in your mind, you have fully charged you smartphone battery and you take the important backup on your smartphone and save on the safe location. And you must unlock your smartphone bootloader, so be very carefully proceed the process and root HTC One M7.

Basic Requirements:

  • You must unlock your smartphone bootloader before gaining the process.
  • Your smartphone battery charges up to 70% before starting the process.
  • Backup your important data and save on the safe location.
  • Enable USB debugging, just go to Manu > Setting > Manage Application > Development > USB Debugging and then enable USB Debugging.
  • Download and install the USB drivers on your computer. USB Drivers
  • Download the rooting file and unzip on your desktop for easy to access. Rooting file
  • After unzipping the rooting file, then you will show this type of file “WinDroid_Universal_Android_Toolkit.exe”

How To Root HTC One M7 By The simple Method


Step 1: Connect your HTC One M7 to your computer via a suitable USB data cord.   

Step 2: After connecting your smartphone to your PC, then click on the “Gain root” option on the tool.

Step 3: And then choose your HTC One M7 variant, it will start downloading the files.

Step 4: After this step your smartphone will automatically boot into bootloader mode and the process of rooting will start.

Step 5: Once the process starts then wait for until when the process is completed. And the process will no longer than 3 or 5 minutes.

Step 6: Once the rooting process is completed, then your smartphone will be rebooted!

Done! Now you have successfully root HTC One M7. Keep enjoy your smartphone with rooted benefits. And then find the “SuperSu app” on you app drawer if you don’t find it then get it from Google Play Store.


Tutorial for root HTC One M7, if something goes wrong. Smarts Guide cannot be held to responsible, keep proceed at their own risk and complete understanding.

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