OnePlus How to Unlock bootloader

How to unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 3 devices

OnePlus 3 one of the best smartphone in the chines manufacturer. The OnePlus 3 has brilliantly advanced features and better performance with low range prices. In this smartphone all of the latest specs, that everyone wants to use in our device. In short word OnePlus, 3 is the best performer in usage. But some of the advanced users want to more increase his smartphone performance. For that, he will get some internal changes like unlock bootloader, install custom recovery and rooting our device and much more. Today we share about for that related guideline, to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 3 smartphone. Follow up the guideline if you are the owner of OnePlus 3 and want to unlock bootloader on our smartphone.unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 3

In the below article we guide you, how to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 3 smartphone. Basically, the unlocking bootloader is the important step before towards to rooting our smartphone or installing the custom recovery. After unlocking your bootloader you will be able to install custom recovery and rooting tutorial easily. So follow the tutorial and unlock your device with easy step, but before follow some important information about to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 3.

Important info

  • This tutorial is compatible only for OnePlus 3 smartphone, don’t use this article for others devices.
  • Fully back up your device data and keep save to the safe place before starting the process.
  • Enable developer option and USB debugging on your device, to do so go to Setting> About Phone and tap on the build number 7 times then your developer option will be unlocked. And then again go to Setting> Developer Option and enable it the USB debugging option.
  • Download and setup the ADB and fastboot on your computer. Download here
  • Download the USB drivers and install on your computer. Download here

Note: – Follow the full article and don’t miss any step in the given step. If anything goes wrong we will not be liable, keep proceed at their own risk.

How to unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 3


Step 1. First, connect your smartphone to your computer using the suitable USB data cable.

Step 2: And then go to the ADB and fastboot folder and open the command prompt window. For that right click on the empty space in that folder and select Open command window here option.

Step 3. After that type, the below command the command prompt window. If it will returns an device code. Then you’re all set to proceed.

fastboot devices

Step 4. Now Type the below command to boot your OnePlus 3 in fastboot mode

“adb reboot bootloader”

Step 5. And then type the given below command to unlocking the smartphone automatic process. Wait for the process to complete it.

fastboot oem unlock

Step 6: Once the process completed then you have successfully unlocked bootloader on OnePlus 3 smartphone.

Done! Now you do it, you are ready for further more process, keep join your device with unlocking benefits.

Leave the comments if you have any trouble, we will assist you to solve your problem ASA possible.

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