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[How to Guide] Update Huawei P10 Plus B370 Android Oreo Firmware (Europe)

Android Oreo has available for Huawei P10 Plus, nowadays Huawei released the latest firmware for Huawei P10 Plus with advanced and latest features. This update includes latest security patch, improve fingerprint unlock response time and other good efforts that expand Huawei P10 Plus. The update has now available for all users, but notification is waiting for some devices. However, we share in beneath article wholly instruction to update Huawei P10 Plus B370 Android Oreo firmware.[How to Guide] Update Huawei P10 Plus B370 Android Oreo Firmware (Europe)

The earlier update has unconfined but some new features add up to assumed firmware, and all stability and bug are fixed in B370 Oreo. EMUI 8.0 bring Android Oreo features like floating Navigation dock, home screen shortcuts, Faster AI-based optimizations deliver greater stability, fluidity, and speed, enhanced protection. And smoothly running with light abilities, importantly all capabilities are available in B370 Oreo firmware. All the instruction clearly declare below to update Huawei P10 Plus B370 Android Oreo.

Firmware Info:

  • Device – Huawei P10 Plus
  • Model – VKY-L29/VKY-L09
  • Android Version – 8.0
  • EMUI Version – 8.0
  • Firmware – B370
  • Build Number – VKY-L29C432B370/VKY-L09C432B370
  • Region – Europe
  • Status – Official
  • Type – Full firmware image


  • All guideline only stable on Huawei P10 Plus VKY-L29/VKY-L09. Don’t try this article on any other device.
  • Follow up step by step guide and don’t miss any step during the process. We will not responsible if something goes wrong.
  • Charge your smartphone properly before starting the process at least 60%. Cause if your device turn off during the process, your device will be a soft break or may more damages on your smartphone.
  • Backup your important data and save to safe location, first of process.
  • Method 3 is best, Dload method only for MM devices with SD card update. Method 1 & 2 are optional


1:- Download B370 Oreo Update for Huawei P10 Plus VKY-L29C432B370.

2:- Download B370 Oreo Update for Huawei P10 Plus VKY-L09C432B370.

How to Update Huawei P10 Plus B370 Android Oreo Firmware

An under-depth Link we clearly declare how to update Huawei P Plus B370 Oreo firmware. Track the complete guide and update your device to latest firmware.

How to Update Huawei P10 Plus to Android Oreo B370 Firmware

That’s it! This is the complete guide to Update Huawei P10 Plus B370 Oreo firmware with easy and simple way. Enjoy your smartphone with a new look and new features.

Comment below if you have any problem or want more explanation.

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